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Lo Shu Grid Calculation Method & Predictions

Here is the process used by Lo Shu Grid calculator. To make the Lo Shu grid chart first we will create a box containing 3 columns and 3 rows.

Lo Shu Grid row and column total

Each row and each column have a total of 15. Diagonally as well.

I am taking my Date of birth for example 12/12/1993.

If we calculate in detail my Main Planet Number is 3, which is also known as Psychic, Driver or मूलांक Number, and my Life Path Number is 1. 

Now we will create the Lo Shu grid for these details.

Lo Shu Grid 12 Dec 1993

If you see in my chart there are numbers that come repeatedly, but there we will notice neither any row nor any column has complete numbers according to the grid.
My Missing Numbers are- 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Destiny Number: 4

Which comes from my name, Neha Parwani.

So my missing numbers will be 5, 6, 7, 8.


Lo Shu Grid Predictions for my chart.

From the Lo Shu grid Calculator, I have 4, 9, 2 first planes completed in my chart.

Main Planet Number: 3

Life Path Number: 1

Destiny/Name Number: 4

Analysis: As per my combination I am ruled by JUPITER (3) planet, which is the Guru of God Planets. People ruled by Jupiter have great knowledge, always keen to learn new things. The person possesses cosmos energy and has great skills in guiding people.

1 is the number of King(SUN). This gives authority in life and also gives chance to achieve success.

This combination will give the opportunity to showcase the knowledge to the world.

Destiny number 4 is the number of RAHU. This is an evil planet. This is only the number of thoughts but does not let the person take action. This is not in sync with the main planet Jupiter, which is a god planet. This name might result in sudden anger and stubborn nature.

Lo Shu Grid Predictions: Having a name on 5 is recommended for a combination like mine. This will complete 9, 5, 1, Will Power Grid in my chart. This will also give stability in terms of health, wealth, and relationships. This will also help the person to achieve what he/she deserves in life.


How to find Lo Shu Grid Missing Number remedies?

Lo Shu Grid Name Correction

For this I worked on my Name spelling Previously my Name spelling was: NEHA PARWANI

The total of this came on number 4.
Which was completing the first row Already.
But what I noticed is that my main planet is of Number 3 and life path number is 1 and here number 4 will not support because 4 is an anti number of 3, also 4 is an incomplete number which only has upper body part not complete body.

Now I changed this to NEHAA PARWANI.
I added 1 extra A to my name spellings and now the total of this comes to number 5.


What benefit number 5 will add?

From the book of Lo Shu Grid Predictions, the number 5 is considered the center of every number. This is also considered the most blessed number also known as the Prince Number. It is very much compatible with both numbers 3 & 1. Also completing the middle column. Number 5 is also known as the number of stability. Stability in terms of Health, Wealth, Career, and Relationships.

What is a Lo Shu Grid?

Numbers and Planets of Lo Shu Grid

A Lo Shu Grid is a 9 box chart with each box containing one number, 1 to 9. As per Numerology, there are 9 numbers that complete all the qualities a person should have to live a great life. During Numerology consultation a Numerologist first creates your Lo Shu Grid and finds out which qualities you’re missing as per your Date of birth.

Lo Shu Grid numbers when added horizontally, vertically, or diagonally sum up to 15.

Lo Shu Grid numbers add to 15

A Lo Shu Grid is filled with Date of Birth digits, Main Planet Number, Lifepath Number, and Destiny Number, which are calculated from Date of Birth and Name of a person.

Why did Numerologists create the Lo Shu Grid?

A Lo Shu Grid is needed to find Missing Numbers. Many people face problems in their lives related to health, wealth, prosperity, relationships, etc. All these aspects are covered in your Lo Shu Grid within 9 boxes. As per your date of birth, a Lo Shu Grid is created and we find what aspects are already covered in the boxes. For the missing numbers, you may be facing issues in your life.

The numbers in your Lo Shu grid also complete the Lo Shu Planes, these planes tell us in which aspects of life you are strong and which aspects are weak.

Lo Shu grid also tells us the impactful numbers in our life. Numbers might be repeated in Lo Shu Grid, which tells us which numbers are powerful in your life.

Watch this amazing video to learn Lo Shu Grid in 25 minutes

What are Missing Numbers in Lo Shu Grid?

As there are 9 numbers in a Lo Shu Grid, your date of birth calculation will fill numbers from 1 to 9, but it happens that after all calculations your Lo Shu Grid may have some numbers missing, these numbers are called Missing Numbers. These numbers are helpful in finding why you may be facing problems with some aspects of your life.

For missing numbers, we can do remedies and help you move out of challenges in your life. Not all the numbers need to be present, neither all numbers need remedies for them.

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What do Planes in Lo Shu Grid mean?

Lo Shu Grid Planes

Horizontal Planes and their significance

4, 9, 2– If someone has 4,9,2 in his/her Lo Shu Grid that person will have a very good memory and also have a very logical mind and a new Idea will always strike their mind.

3, 5, 7– If someone has 3, 5, 7 in his/her Lo Shu Grid that person will create a strong emotional connection with anyone very quickly, also that person will be helping in nature and love to do donations and charity.

8, 1, 6– If someone has 8, 1, 6 in his/her Lo Shu Grid that person will be practical in their life. That person will always make a decision by thinking twice after noticing all future and past incidents. This combination is also known as prosperity numbers, one who is having these numbers will always complete their work.

Vertical Planes and their significance

4, 3, 8– If someone has 4, 3, 8 in their Lo Shu Grid this plane is a thought planet this shows how strong a thought a person has. A person who is having these numbers in their DoB will always work ethically and always give knowledge to others. People with this combination can be good teachers or coaches.

9, 5, 1– If someone has 9, 5, 1 in their Lo Shu Grid this plane will achieve great success. People who are having these numbers in their dob will make everything possible by their will and can be big players and leaders in their forte.

2, 7, 6– If someone has 2,7,6 in their Lo Shu Grid are the action takers. People who have this combination always believe in work, they are very active and find their goal with their hard work only.

Success Plane I (4, 5, 6)

If someone has 4,5,6 in their Lo Shu Grid this diagonal line from SE to NW known as success plane 1 (राज योग) you always hear from people saying this person has Raaj Yog. This combination is a very strong combination whosoever has this will always succeed in everything.

Success Plane ll (2, 5, 8)

If someone has 2, 5, 8 in their Lo Shu Grid this diagonal line from SW to NE is known as success plane 2 (राज योग). This combination is a very strong combination whosoever has this will have chances to get lots of wealth and assets from their ancestors.

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Lo Shu Grid calculator & remedies with example

Name– Rahul Garg

Date of Birth– 4/8/1989​

Lo Shu Grid example

This person has 4 as his main number and 3 as his life path number.

In Lo Shu Grid we can see Rahul is having strong thoughts but his Action Plane has no numbers, so he will plan many things but may not be able to work as per plan.

Questions Rahul asked me

How do get growth in my career?

For this, we will calculate his soul number (Name number )

Total of Soul number comes on 8 that will not add benefit but also add negative part as Number 8 is repeating multiple times.

As Rahul is having number 4 as his main number and 3 as life path we can only change the name that comes to number 5. That will also not add any number in his Action Plane but his Will Plane will be complete and he is having a name in his lucky number.

Name correction: Rahuul Garg 


He is facing problems with health?

As per his dob, it is visible his main number is Rahu number that is having an aggressive mind and his life path is Jupiter that is totally opposite in nature from Rahu that’s why he is facing problems in health.

Now there is one planet that can maintain sync in both Rahu and Jupiter that is SUN.

So remedy suggested to Rahul is: Giving water to the Sun on a daily basis will give energy to both the planets and also give focus to him that will help in the improvement of his health.


He is facing problems in keeping relationships and good friends?

Venus plays a very important role in our social circle and love relationship. As in Lo Shu Grid, we found Rahul is not having number 6 in his DoB at all and we can’t change his name to number 6 because number 6 is an anti number of number 3 but here I will suggest him a home remedy to attract Venus: mix some amount of rose water in your water while taking bath on daily basis.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful info. If a person having date of birth 18/10/2001 and name number on 2. Is it compatible or what should be

      1. Hi Rajesh,
        I am not sure if you need to do any remedies for these numbers. Generally, I don’t recommend any remedy for number 4, but it totally depends on person to person. Also, I change name to one of the missing number, but that also depend on particular case. I would recommend you to get a personalised consultation, please call/ WhatsApp me at 8802673153.

      2. My D.O.B is 29.07.1983. 456 number is missing in my loshu grid. Facing lots of problem and too much emotional weak.please suggest me . I hope you will help me.

          1. Hi Caden, it is not necessary to have all the numbers. Also one do not need to have impact of all. Remedies should be done only when it is required.

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