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People also ask

Is my name correct according to numerology? How to correct names as per numerology?

If you want to change your name as per numerology, then First calculate your Destiny Number.

For the name NEHA PARWANI

The total of the name is

N+E+H+A= 5+5+5+1=16

P+A+R+W+A+N+I= 8+1+2+6+1+5+1=24

16+24 =40

4+0 = 4

So my Destiny Number is 4

And the Date of Birth of Neha Parwani is 12/12/1993

As per the Date of birth, the most compatible number is 5. As per this Date of Birth number 5 is lucky for Neha Parwani.

Nehaa Parwani Destiny Number Calculation

So, the Numerology Name Change advice for me is to keep my name on 5.

We have added “A” in the first name.

N+E+H+A+A= 5+5+5+1+1=17

P+A+R+W+A+N+I= 8+1+2+6+1+5+1=24



We have to make sure that your Destiny Number must be a lucky number for you.

So we’ve changed NEHA PARWANI to NEHAA PARWANI and added an extra “A” to land the Destiny Number on 5.

Below content is

Numerology Name Calculator for you

These steps will act as a Numerology Name Calculator if you want to calculate if your Name is correct as per Numerology.

Step-1: Calculate your Destiny Number

Step-2: Calculate your Main Planet Number and Life Path Number

Step-3: Create your Lo Shu Grid as per your Name & Date of Birth

Step-4: Check your combinations

Step-5: Correct your Name & Lo Shu Grid

Step-1: Calculate your Destiny Number

With the help of the below table find out the Destiny Number for each alphabet in your Name.

Destiny NumberAlphabets
1A, I ,J ,Q ,Y
2B, K, R
3C, G, L, S
4D, M, T
5E, H, N, X
6U, V, W
7O, Z
8F, P

For Eg: Lata Parwani

L = 3

A= 1

T = 4

A = 1

P = 8

A = 1

R = 2

W = 6

A = 1

N = 5

I = 1

L+A+T+A+P+A+R+W+A+N+I= 3+1+4+1+8+1+2+6+1+5+1= 33

Compound Destiny Number= 33

Destiny Number = 3+3= 6

Step-2: Calculate your Main Planet number & Life Path number

The second step is to calculate your main planet number and life path number from your date of birth.

In this example, Lata Parwani with Date of Birth is 09/06/1991

The Main Planet Number is 9

The Life Path Number is 8

How to calculate Main Planet Number?
How to calculate Life Path Number?

Step-3: Create your Lo Shu Grid as per your Date of Birth & Name

As per the date of birth and name, we’ve created the below Lo Shu Grid

Learn More- How to create Lo Shu Grid?

Step-4: Check your combinations

Now we have few numbers with us-

  • Compound Destiny Number
  • Destiny Number
  • Soul Urge Number
  • Personality Number
  • Main Planet Number
  • Life Path Number

From the below table analyze your numbers.

Destiny NumbersNumber LordFriendly NumberNeutral NumberEnemy Number
1SUN1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 97, 48
2MOON1, 6, 23, 5, 74, 8
3JUPITER1, 3, 5, 7, 92, 4, 86
4RAHU5, 6, 71, 2, 34, 9, 8
5MERCURY1, 3, 5, 62, 4, 7, 8, 9-
6VENUS1, 5, 6, 4, 72, 8, 93
7KETU1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 72, 8, 9-
8SATURN1, 3, 5, 62, 7, 94, 8
9MARS1, 3, 5, 62, 7, 94, 8

Date of Birth Analysis: The main planet 9 denotes Mars and the Life path number is 8 which denotes Saturn. This is a strong combination. This combination shows the person is very energetic and always completes their responsibilities. This person will gain great success after moving out from her birthplace. The person will be happy in delayed success but will not compromise with ethics. The person will hold the command of her life in her own will.

Name Analysis: In this example, the name comes up on destiny number 6. The number is lucky for her, but it is already available in her Lo Shu Grid, so keeping the name on number 5, which is missing and is a lucky number for her, will be really good.

Step-5: Correct your Name & Lo Shu Grid

As per the Numerology Name Calculator, we need to bring the name on Destiny Number 5. So we’ve added an extra P in the surname.

Name Suggestion: Lata Pparwani

Now we will again calculate the destiny number for the new name.

L = 3

A= 1

T = 4

A = 1

P = 8

P = 8

A = 1

R = 2

W = 6

A = 1

N = 5

I = 1

L+A+T+A+P+A+R+W+A+N+I= 3+1+4+1+8+8+1+2+6+1+5+1= 41

New Compound Destiny Number= 41

New Destiny Number = 4+1= 5

Corrected Lo Shu Grid


New Analysis: This name will complete the Will Power Plane in Lo Shu Grid. Thus the person will not give up when the success is delayed. This will help in achieving success.

This also completes the Prosperity plane in Lo Shu Grid, thus it will help the person to live a happy life.


Why should you correct your name as per Numerology?

The Science of Numerology says you can change your destiny with your actions. So to have a positive energy flow with your name, your name must add up to a digit of positive energy which will help you achieve great success in all the fields of your life, be it career, love, health, or relationships.


What will happen if I change my name as per Numerology?

There are many real-life examples of people who’ve got great success after changing their Names. Well, Numerology Name Change/Correction will change your Destiny Number, thus it will also affect many things in your numerology chart. Changes in the spelling of your name not only change your expression number but will also change your Soul Urge Number and Personality Number. Thus these three core numbers will be changed. As core numbers are the most important numbers in a person’s numerology chart and so in his/her life, these changes will change the person’s traits, attitude, behavior, potentials, ambitions, etc.

Why should I take a consultation to change my name according to Numerology?

You may corrupt your name instead of correcting it. Making your Destiny Number right is not the only goal to achieve. Make sure your new name must also generate positive energy for you. Numerology consultation with an expert Numerologist is a necessity. Everyone wants to take advantage of Numerology but it’s quite expensive for some people. We are here to help you. That’s why we’ve made it at a nominal cost.


Example of Numerology Name Correction

Name- Rahul Garg

Date of Birth- 4/8/1989​

This person has 4 as his main number and 3 as his life path number.

In Lo Shu Grid we can see Rahul is having strong thoughts but his Action Plane has no numbers, so he will plan many things but may not be able to work as per plan.

Lo Shu Grid example

Numerology Name Change advice for Rahul Garg

For this, we will calculate his Destiny number (Name number )

Total of Destiny number comes on 8 that will not add benefit but also add negative part as Number 8 is repeating multiple times.

As Rahul is having number 4 as his main number and 3 as life path we can only change the name that comes to number 5. That will also not add any number in his Action Plane but his Will Plane will be complete and he is having a name in his lucky number.

Name correction: Rahuul Garg 

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  1. My daughter’s name is M adithi sai lakshmi and her dat of birth is per date of birth her compatible no. 9 and as per name numerology is 44 which comes to 9..kindly suggest how can i change the name to 9.

    Thanks in advance

    • Dob 5/10/2021
      Early morning 12.34

      As per astrology they are considering 4 th
      But in birth certificate it will be 5
      Which date we have to take for numerology

      • In Step 1
        Main Planet Number is 9, which comes from Date, which is 9
        and Life Path Number comes by adding all digits of Date of Birth, which is 9+6+1+9+9+1= 35= 3+5= 8
        So, it is correct.

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