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Why do I need a Lucky House number?

Buying a home is a dream come true. Home is a dream for everyone, sometimes we see after checking all Vastu, doing everything right when you enter into a new house, you start facing challenges & some or other issues in your family. As per the belief, one of the reasons could be your “House Number”.

How I can choose a Lucky House Number for me?

A house is a place where your fate belongs, you love this place and you should get the most positive vibrations when you are at home. After doing all the hard work, when you reach your home, it should give peace to your soul. If you do not feel the peace, there must be something wrong. According to the science of Numerology, the house number should be in sync with your Lucky Numbers according to your Lo Shu Grid.

How can I choose a Lucky House Number for my whole family?

Now Question arises: In India, we generally have a joint family, or a family with 3 generations. For a family of 5 or more than 5 members, whom chart you should consider. How to find Lucky House Number for such Indian Families.
Lucky House numbers should match with the Lucky Numbers of the owner of that property & the smallest kid of that family. The owner of the house is the person who arranges all happiness & needful for the family so their luck is very important. The youngest member of the family(generally child) is considered as the start of a new generation. By doing this we also create sync of positivity from the eldest to the youngest family member, this will give positivity to all the members of the family.

Which is the most common lucky number for House?

If in your chart 6 is a lucky number then you can go with 6 because house number 6 will bring prosperity, peace, and love to your family. If number 6 is not one of your Lucky Numbers then the House number on 5 will be good.

Which Floor should be preferable for House?

Many people buy flats these days, and this question is asked many times. For the Floor, you can go with any number according to your choice. Choosing any floor show you can go much higher in life than now & the last floor show now you have all sky open for you. For Some people, this can be different depending upon their Birth Details.

Should I buy the last house on the street?

Avoid buying the last house on the street. If you choose the last house of any street that shows there is no way to go ahead. Again it is a general concept. The last house can be lucky for some people, it can be predicted only by calculating the numbers.

Characteristics of Lucky House Number according to Numerology

If you are living in your Lucky Number House, I have listed below a few of the characteristics of houses by their numbers. You might feel these characteristics according to the house numbers, and I will also advise you to follow these as per your Lucky House Number.

  • Lucky House Number 1: House number 1 show, In this house everyone especially female will have good leadership skills, also people living in this house will always be welcoming the guests.
  • Lucky House Number 2: House number 2 shows, In this house, you will find people always spare their time for other’s help, they always made a very good relationship with the neighbor. They can have fights with neighbors still they will be ready to help them.
  • Lucky House Number 3: House number 3 shows, people living here like to listen to music, they will grow multiple plants in their house. Always likes to share their knowledge with others.
  • Lucky House Number 4: People consider this number as negative but house number 4 is very diplomatic, not good for everyone but if 4 suits you then this house can give you treasure. People who live in number 4 always have big ideas in mind. They know how to take out large benefits from small efforts.
  • Lucky House Number 5: 5 number consider the luckiest number for the house, As this number doesn’t create any negative vibration including any number. People who live on this number will full fill their commitment, they will have stability in life.
  • Lucky House Number 6: House number 6 works like a mirror/ copy mantra, if 6 is your suitable number & you are living in this house you will always double your progress. Once you enter this house you will make more properties, other luxury items soon.


  • Lucky House Number 7: House number 7 shows people of this house will be creative & Spiritual. The main lady of the family will be good at music. These people trust others easily, they might see frequent guest visits.
  • Lucky House Number 8: House number 8 shows separation, these people remain in their zone, they don’t like to invite & go to someone else house. But if they will have any guests they will be the best host. Never let any guest go with an empty stomach.
  • Lucky House Number 9: House number 9 shows, members of this house will like to keep multiple pets in their homes. They will always make a special place or portion for strays in their home. Also, these people travel often for work, most of the time they own self don’t live in the house. Either for work or any other reason they remain outside.


Lucky House Number Calculator

Now, I will take an example and explain to you the complete process. Let’s find out the best house number to live in as per Numerology for me.


Name: Nehaa Parwani

DOB: 12/12/1993


Main Planet Number: 3, Jupiter

Life Path Number: 1, Sun

Destiny Number: 5, Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 5


*The process of calculating the above Numbers is given on their respective pages.

From the above information, I can calculate the Lucky House Number for me, which is 5.


What is an unlucky house number?

There is not any unlucky house number, there is a belief that house number 4, 8, 13 are not good, but for some people, this can be the best house number. Yes if in your chart if a certain number is negative then if your house number came on that number will be negative for you. But to say directly without analysing person DOB that this house number will be negative then that will be the wrong calculation. 

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