New Born Baby Name Numerology Calculation and Correction Method

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We've heard that a mother can do anything for her child and a father sacrifices many things to make his child successful.

First of all congratulations! It's a blessing to become a parent. You know Why?

Because now you have someone in life for whom you will always be a well-wisher.

This page will act as the Baby Name Numerology Calculator to choose the best name for your child.

It is proven that Numerology can do wonders and help your child to achieve great success in life. Numerology is based on two factors. One is the Date of Birth of your Baby and second is his/her name. It’s not possible to decide the birth date of your baby, it is chosen by destiny.

As a parent you always try to give the best name to your child, so that he/she will achieve great success in life.

In Astrology first letters of name are very important and have great impact in life which is decided as per moon shine of your child.

On the other hand Numerology has proved not only the first letter but the full name plays a very Important Role.

Name number in numerology known as Destiny number as well because name decides the destiny of every person.

As your baby is too young to understand this, you as a parent need to take a step and give your child a name that will help him/her to grow in life.

To choose the right name for your baby is your responsibility, as it is going to stay with him/her for the lifetime.

People also ask

How to get the best name for your baby?

I am here to help you with this. Just follow the below steps-

Step-1: Tell us the Date of Birth and I will tell you the starting letters of the name.

Step-2: Then you should come up with 2-3 names of your choice.

Step-3: Baby Name Numerology Calculation for all names 

Step-4: Create Lo Shu Grid

Step-5: Select the best name for your child as per Numerology

Step 1:

Choose the first alphabet as per the Date of Birth

Getting the first letter of the name is important and it is the first step. To get the first letter you need to find the Birth Star for your child, which is calculated as per the date of birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

According to Astrology science, First letter comes from in which house your moon is situated, In Vedic Astrology 12 House available from which all calculation of life happens.

Your baby first name will come from Naksahtra Pada,There are total 27 Nakshatra & In each Nakshatra there are 4 Pada, Each Pada of Nakshatra  and your moon place from 12 house decide your name first letter.

So while choosing the first letter you need to be careful with the sound of the initial letter. The sound of the initial letter must match with the sounds favourable to the birth star of your child.

Step 2:

Come up with 2 or more names

It’s a topic of long discussion when you want to choose a name for the newborn child in the family. So many suggestions from so many family members, we recommend the name should come from parents of grandparents of the child or from someone older in the family. Reason behind this thought is simple, parents are always the best person for a child, and grandparent’s love towards the child makes that name full of blessings and positive energy.

But, it might be possible that your favourite name is not the best name as per numerology. So, you should always come up with 2 or more names before Baby Name Numerology Calculation as the backup.

By step 1 you will have best name from Astrology and step 2 you will have best name from Numerology science,So by following both steps you can choose best name according to two Reliable and well known method.

Step 3:

Find out the best name for your child as per Numerology

Now we need to do the Name Numerology Calculation. The method is really simple, we do it in in 3 parts-

=>Date of Birth Analysis

=>Baby’s Name Numerology Analysis

=>Matching Baby’s Name with Date of Birth

Date of Birth Analysis

From the Date of birth we will calculate Life Path Number and Main Planet Number


Date of Birth: 28/04/2021

Main Planet Number: 2+8=10=1+0=1

Main Planet Number Calculator Free Tool

Life Path Number: 2+8+0+4+2+0+2+1=19=1+9=10=1

Baby’s Name Numerology Analysis

Now we need to analyse the name, for that we will find out Compound Destiny Number, Destiny Number, Soul Number, and Personality Number.

For Example

Name Numerology Calculation for “Pranshi Gupta”

Compound Destiny Number: 8+2+1+5+3+5+1+3+6+8+4+1=47

Destiny Number: 4+7= 11= 2

Soul Urge Number: 9

Personality Number: 2


Matching Baby’s Name with Date of Birth

This name has Destiny number 2 which denotes to Planet moon, having a name on number 2 is not a good option because moon does not have own powers, also moon gives lots of ups of down in life because its normal tendency of moon to going from No moon to full moon then full moon to No Moon.

Step 4:

Create Lo Shu Grid

As we have all the data with us.
Name: Pranshi Gupta
DOB: 28/04/2021
Life Path Number: 1
Main Planet Number: 1
Compound Destiny Number: 47
Destiny Number: 2
Soul Urge Number: 9
Personality Number: 2
Lo Shu Grid for above example will be

4 2222
8 111

Step 5:

Choosing the right baby name as per numerology

Once you are done with the calculation of all shortlisted names you need to choose the best name as per numerology. Numbers get very tricky when it comes to choosing the right combination. You also need to take care of Lo Shu Grid, which planes in Lo Shu Grid you want to complete.

As from the above example the name spelling is not suitable for baby, now we check best name spelling according to her details of birth and Loshu Grid. 

For correct Spelling there are two Suggestion-

  • Pransi Gupta, and
  • Pranshi Guptta 

Both name are coming on number 6, number 6 is compatible from number 1, and also completing 816 prosperity plane in Loshu Grid. This name will give her fame and success in life.

New Lo Shu Grid will look like-

4 2222
8 111 6


It’s really amazing to select the best name for your child, but make sure you are doing it under proper supervision. As this name will stay with your child for whole life. If you feel you still need some kind of help feel free to connect with usandbook a consultation with me by filling the below form.

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Baby Name Numerology Calculation and Correction Method

Let’s take below example for a New Born Baby Numerology Calculation

  • Date of Birth: 3rd Jan 2021.
  • Time of Birth: 10:55 AM
  • Place of Birth: Indore (MP)
  • Moon Shine: Leo


With the above details, we calculated below numbers

  • Day number: 3
  • Life number: 9
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 5


1 & 3 are already available in DOB, So we should keep the name of the baby on number 5 to make all the lucky numbers in the chart.

As per moonshine first letter of name should be starting from M or T.


Name: Meesha Garg

M+E+E+S+H+A= 4+5+5+3+5+1= 23

G+A+R+G= 3+1+2+3= 9

23+9= 32

3+2= 5

The total of this will be on number 5 this will give overall positive energy to the baby.

If you want to know the detailed calculation process, please visit Numerology Name Calculation.

People also ask

What happens when parents mix their name and create a name for their child?

Is mixing your name to create a name for your child is good?

Nowadays people give names to their baby that match with the couple name’s Initials.

If we see as per Astrology we should keep the name according to the moonshine of the baby.

But numerology gives you a chance to give your baby name as per choice and after that, you can do some correction in name spelling without disturbing Name Initials.

So if you want your baby’s name matching with your name you can choose Numerology.

Baby name numerology

Baby Name: Navik

Mother's Name: Nandini
Father's Name: Vikas

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