Lo Shu Grid Missing Numbers and their remedies

Missing Numbers and Their Remedies
Easy to follow, low cost Missing Number Remedies, tried and tested by me, my family and clients.

What is Numerology Number 1?

Number 1 denotes to planet Sun, which is the head of the solar planet & an important source of energy. People who have Sun as the main planet or life path number always want authority in life, they have their way to work. Sun owns the element Fire, it shows dedication and energy. 

Apart from the main planet number & life path number, if number 1 is present in Lo Shu Grid that makes a person-helpful for others, energetic & they have self-belief. 

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 1?

  • Name on number 1 will be helpful.
  • Offering water to Sun & chanting Surya Mantra.
  • Try to repeat number 1 in your life again and again like in the house number, mobile number, vehicle number, etc.


What is Numerology Number 2?

Number 2 denotes to planet Moon, consider as queen in numerology which reflects the light of the Sun. Moon controls emotion & like a queen, the moon takes local authority & completes that, also the moon denotes a mother, which shows intuition power & mood swings too. People with number 2 are good at doing donations & helping others. 

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 2?

  • Wearing crystal will be helpful.
  • Chanting shiv mantra will be good.
  • Drinking water in the silver glass will be good.

What is Numerology Number 3?

Number 3 denotes to planet Jupiter, which is considered as an ancestor, minister & teacher & advisor in the numerology chart. Jupiter is the biggest planet contains lots of information within. Jupiter increase curiosity to learn new thing & share experience & knowledge with others. Also, Jupiter increases interest in occur & spirituality. 

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 3?

  • Wearing turmeric mala will be good.
  • Worshiping the banana tree on Thursday will be helpful.
  • Applying saffron tilak will be helpful.

What is Numerology Number 4?

Number 4 is planet Rahu, which is considered as the upper body part, Rahu gives powerful mind & logical thinking. It gives the power to think logically. People with number 4 are generally good in calculation & always plan for new destiny & growth. Because it represents only the mind, all body power remains in the mind only. Sometimes they can’t stop thinking, which can create disturbance in sleeping

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 4?

  • Using wooden elements/ keeping a wooden pen or pencil along with you will be good.
  • Give food to strays.
  • Always keep your feet clean.

What is Numerology Number 5?

Number 5 denotes planet Mercury. In numerology, Mercury is considered as a Prince, which has the blessings of elders. These people are loved and cared for by the family. They make friends easily. Also, Mercury is the planet for communication & balance in life. In Lo shu grid it takes the central place which means no enmity. Mercury gives the courage to speak in public.

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 5?

  • Keep name on number 5.
  • Wear green clothes on Wednesday.
  • Sit in the sunlight daily for 10 minutes.

What is Numerology Number 6?

Number 6  denotes the planet Venus, which is considered as Guru for the evil planets. Venus shows the right path. Also, venus gives for entertainment and luxury in life. People with venus planet are good counselors too. Venus helps in getting love & care from your life partner. 

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 6?

  • Name on number 6.
  • Donate something to a lady on Friday. 
  • Chanting of Shukra Mantra & worshiping of Shukra Yantra. 

What is Numerology Number 7?

Number 7 denotes planet Ketu, which refers only lower body, Ketu does not have eyes so always follow the heart. People with number 7 are generally emotional, have good 6th sense. Also, number 7 keeps the people grounded in cool in every tough situation.

For Eg: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Date of Birth: 7 July 1981

His main planet number is 7, which denotes Ketu. Ketu makes him “Captain Cool”.

Also, you will meet with people who are ungrateful for your help & kindness. 

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 7?

  • Wearing a gold & silver mixed chain wristwatch will be good. 
  • Chanting of Shree Ganesh Mantra. 
  • Hang a wind chime in the west of 11 rods of a mix of silver & golden colour. 

What is Numerology Number 8?

Number 8 denotes planet Saturn. Saturn is the slowest moving planet, people with the number 8 are generally considered as slow growth & struggle. Saturn is known for giving the result of hard work.

People with the number 8 in their chart will always get the result of their actions. Also, number 8 is about the law and regulation. People with number 8 are ethical, always stand for truth & justice

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 8?

  • Light up a mustard oil diya under a peepal tree after sunset. 
  • Donate black pulse. 
  • Massage feet soul with mustard oil. 
  • Educate others with your knowledge.

What is Numerology Number 9?

Number 9 denotes to planet Mars, which is considered commander number. People with number 9, have good self-belief & take responsibility from an early age. People with the number 9 generally have a fighter attitude & aggressive. They have the energy to work & also motives other for growth. 

What are the remedies for missing Numerology Number 9?

  • Read Hanuman chalisa daily. 
  • Apply orange sindoor tilak on the forehead. 
  • Give bananas to monkeys. 
  • Drink water in copper.

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