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What is Destiny Number in Numerology?

Destiny Number is the sum of all alphabets in a person's name minimised to single digit, from 1 to 9. It is an important number to create Lo Shu Grid. It is considered as the the identity number of a name/ person. 

In Numerology, we need two things to calculate your destiny, one is your Date of Birth and second is your Name. From Date of Birth we calculate Main Planet Number and Life Path Number, from Name we calculate Destiny Number. These three numbers along with your Date of Birth are required to create create your Lo Shu Grid.

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Facts about Destiny Number

=>Destiny Number lies from 1 to 9.

=>We do not keep name on 4 & 8.

=>5 is considered to be the balance number as it is in the middle of Lo Shu Grid and helps in completing 4 grids.

People also ask

How to calculate Destiny Number?

For this Destiny Number Calculator, you need to take your Full Name, you use and follow the below steps-

Step 1: Write every alphabet in your name individually, do not consider space.

For Eg: Vishal Gupta


Step 2: Look the below table and note down the digit corresponding to each alphabet.

Destiny NumberAlphabets
1A, I ,J ,Q ,Y
2B, K, R
3C, G, L, S
4D, M, T
5E, H, N, X
6U, V, W
7O, Z
8F, P

From the above table I get

V = 6

I = 1

S = 3

H = 5

A = 1

L = 3

G = 3

U = 6

P = 8

T = 4

A = 1

Step 3: Now sum all the digits to calculate your Compound Destiny Number.

In this case, Compound Destiny Number = 6+1+3+5+1+3+3+6+8+4+1 = 38

Step 4: Destiny Number is the sum of 2 digits of Compound Destiny Number, which is converted into single digit.

Destiny Number = 3+8 = 11= 2

If the sum of the digits of Compound Destiny Number is more than 2 digits, than we again need to add those digits to make it in single digit, 1 to 9.

People also ask

What does 1 to 9 Destiny Number means?

Destiny Number 1:

Destiny Number 2:

Destiny Number 3:

Destiny Number 4:

Destiny Number 5:

Destiny Number 6:

Destiny Number 7:

Destiny Number 8:

Destiny Number 9:

Lo Shu Grid Numerology Numbers 1 to 9: Characteristics & Colours

Numerology NumbersPlanetsCharacteristicsLucky Colour
1SunOwnership, Authority, helping othersBlue
2MoonEmotional, Local Authorities, Mood SwingsOrange
3JupiterKnowledge, Education, family values , cultureSilver/ Grey
4RahuShow Wisdom, Analytical thought, BrainYellow
5MercuryCommunication, Family support, balanceGreen
6VenusLove, Money, hormones, Arts, beautyBrown
7KetuEmotions, Spirituality, 6th senseBlack
8SaturnAction, Results, Hard-work, Self believeRed
9MarsResponsibilities, Aggression, EnergyWhite

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