Numerology Consultation on Call

Book your consultation @ ₹700 only

What will be included in your consultation?

  • Duration – 20 Min
  • Lo Shu Grid Creation
  • Missing Number Remedies
  • Name Correction
  • Signature Correction
  • All your queries will be answered


You can ask all the questions related to Numerology including your Name, Health, Wealth, Career & Relationship.

Just share your details and get consultation on all aspects of Numerology for one Date of birth.

Charges: ₹ 700 only

Matchmaking, Wedding Consultation, Couple growth, relationship success, and for all other couples queries.

Step-1: Share your and partner's details with us with your queries.

Step-2: Have a detailed discussion with me.

Charges: ₹ 1400 only

Want a name that will always create positive energy and support your kid to achieve success in life?

Step-1: Tell us the Date of Birth and we will tell you the starting letters of the name.

Step-2: Then you should come up with 2-3 names of your choice.

Step-3: Then I will suggest you the best name out of those, will also do the spelling correction if needed.

Charges: ₹ 700 only

Starting a new business? Get help in choosing the right name for your business & achieve success.

Step-1: You need to share the name you are willing to proceed with along with your Date of Birth.

Step-2: I will do the spelling correction and suggest the best fit as per Numerology.

Charges: ₹ 700 x number of Business Partners you want to check the compatibility with.

Get pdf report with consultation in additional ₹ 200

You can now get a pdf report containing your Lo Shu grid & Numerology Consultation Summary.

You get the best Numerologist Online

We’re providing numerology consultation on call since the time of foundation. You can book your Numerology consultation online by just filling in your basic information or giving us a call on +91-8802673153.

We’re also available on Whatsapp with the same number. You can book Numerology Consultation on Whatsapp by clicking here.

I'm Nehaa Parwani

I am a numerologist, a Karmic guide, a healer – with an experience of around 10 years. It was a great feeling to help my family and friends with my knowledge.

I am blessed to have this knowledge and now I am willing to help more people with this amazing power of Numerology. You can ask me questions by sending me your basic information.

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We’re lucky to help thousands of people, few of them have shared their experiences with us. Find out how Numerology helped others.

Amazing knowledge of Numerology She just ask you some basic details and come back with so much of accurate information on you...

Ashish Mathur Manager in Genepact

She is Amazing and very helpful. I have changed and improved my issues with my loved one. Love you Nehaa. Excellent way to go.

Jaya CChauhan Works in Cognizant

My partner feeling very positive after talking to you. Earlier we hardly believe in number now I guess it works Thanks!

Rahul Singh Kashyap Managing Director at Gyana B.P.O Services

Wonderful experience... Pure logical calculation... proper solution for every problem.... amazing experience.... Big Thanks to Nehaa

Rahul Anand Works at Whirlpool

Nehaa is doing a great thing. I can strongly recommend as she helped me in my career and personal life with numerology.

Rasiya Process Developer at Genpact

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