8 Lo Shu Grid Planes and their importance

8 Lo Shu Grid planes, the reason for their names, what if they are complete and what if the plane is not complete.
8 lo shu grid planes
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Lo Shu Grid Planes

There are 8 planes in Lo Shu Grid, namely

  1. Mental Plane
  2. EmotionalPlane
  3. Practical Plane
  4. Thought Plane
  5. Will Plane
  6. Action Plane
  7. Silver Success Plane
  8. Golden Success Plane


Mental Plane 4, 9, 2 in Lo Shu Grid : 

mental plane 4, 9,2Why did the 4,9,2 plane is known as the mental plane?

Number 4 denotes to planet Rahu, Rahu is a shadow planet which only has the upper part of the body, it’s a belief that Rahu planet gives thought, constant ideas, as per the Indian mythology, Rahu did not have a body, Rahu was head, so it cannot take action, it can only give thoughts, and so it can increase mental strength

Number 9 denotes to planet Mars, Mars is the planet for energy & aggression. Mars is also considered as the son of earth, all energy starts from the mind only, Mars is not only thought it’s the action also, which gives power to thought by converting into action

Number 2 denotes the planet moon, Moon planet controls the thoughts of every individual. Also, the moon shows individual intuition power. Moon is the water element & every part of the human body is 70% water. Moon is the fastest moving planet & the human mind has vibrant thoughts. 

All three planets affect the mental position of every individual, that is because this plane is known as the mental plane

What if 4, 9, 2/ Mental Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If someone has a complete mental plane, the person will be aggressive, & once decide something he can go miles to complete the task. The person will have a logical approach, good in calculation & also he/she will have constant running thoughts in mind

Sometimes if a person does not have another positive number in the grid, this plane can give stress also, because once you have this plane completed your mental situation will be very strong. Sometimes, this will be tough for you to forget negative incidents, sometimes it becomes very tough for you to forgive somebody because you keep thinking about that negative incident

What if 4, 9, 2 Mental Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If all 4,9,2 numbers are not complete in the grid, then the person can impulsive while talking, They can have a lack of memory power

Also, Rahu is Air, Mars is Fire & Moon is water. Air help fire to burn but when fire increases more than the limit, water helps to stop. So if any of the numbers will be missed the person may lack balance in life


Emotional Plane 3, 5, 7 in Lo Shu Grid

Why 3,5,7 called Emotional Plane?

Number 3 is planet Jupiter, which is considered the biggest planet in our solar planet. In the family chart. Jupiter is considered the eldest family member. Here emotional does not mean the sensitive plane, here emotional means understanding the values & ethics of the family & others. The element of Jupiter is Wood, which considers as strong & reliable. Which can be trusted to take care of responsibilities. Who understand the needs of everyone in the family and surroundings. 

Number 5 is planet Mercury, which is considered as the smallest planet in our solar system & in numerology, this is considered as prince & youngest person of the family, which have own demands &  always create a good bond with others and possess good communication skills. People who have this number in their chart, have very good communication skills, they don’t have a fear of sharing their feelings with others. The element of mercury planet is Water, like water can adjust in any size, they are comfortable with everyone, flexible with changes. Adding this number to the chart reduces anger and brings stability in life. 

Number 7 is planet Ketu, which is one of the shadow planets, this is considered as the lower part of the body, which doesn’t have brain & eyes but has the heart to feel others, that’s why people with this number in their Lo Shu Grid may have the influence of others in their life. As it is said, people who can’t see, have a sixth sense and can feel things better than others. People with the number 7 in their grid have a strong sixth sense. They are always curious to know every secret. The element of Ketu is Earth, which keeps them grounded. They become support for others. 

What if 3, 5, 7/ Emotional Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If the emotional plane is complete in anyone’s chart the person will have the power to deal with every tough situation of life, their decision-making power will be very good. They will understand others’ feelings & emotions. Also, they will remain calm while dealing with tough people. They will have intelligence with intellectual. 

What if 3, 5, 7/ Emotional Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If anyone does not have a complete grid then the person can have an imbalance life, especially if number 5 is missing, because of water element & 5 comes to the center of the Lo Shu grid if this number is missing the person will not have a good balance in life. If number 3 is missing the person can take an immature decision & if 7 is missing the person can become selfish also they will find selfish people around them. 


Practical Plane 8, 1, 6 in Lo Shu Grid

Why did 8, 1, 6 plane is known as Practical Plane?

Number 8 is the number for planet Saturn, which is known for the God of justice, who gave results for your action. Also, Saturn has slow speed & the element of Saturn is Air. Like air, Saturn has an existence in every bit of your life. 

Number 1 is for the planet Sun, which is known as the ruler of all solar systems. Sun has authority, power & responsibilities. Also, the sun is an element of fire, which runs inside of everyone, as a source of energy to work

Number 6, is for the planet Venus, which is known as Guru for evils but who sees the opportunities & grabs them. Never wait for others to support you, create your own path & show others a good path. The element of Venus is Earth, which helps to have good relations with neighbors & also with partners. 


What if 8, 1, 6 Practical Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If 8,1,6 is complete the person will be hardworking, disciplined & have own rule to rule over the world. Never denies for work, understand own responsibilities. 

What if 8, 1, 6/ Practical Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If any of these numbers are missing, the person will be lazy, can have bone-related health issues. Choose wrong direction & bad friends & company in life. Also, they might never find results for the effort. 


Thought Plane 4, 3, 8 in Lo Shu Grid

What if 4, 3, 8 Thought Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

Already explained: 4 is the logical brain, 3 is spiritual & 8 is for the result of your action. Our thought is made up of what & how we think, what action we take. If this plane is complete the person will give a thought before doing anything. These people are never too excited, they first see a complete scenario, make their opinion then take action. 

What if 4, 3, 8/ Thought Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If any of these numbers will be missed, the person will lead to the action without thinking about good or bad. Also might be they never thought their caliber at all & waste many years of their life doing those things for which they are not made. 


Will Plane 9, 5, 1 in Lo Shu Grid

Why did 9, 5, 1 is known as Will Plane?

Will Plane is something which shows internal power of someone, 9,1 is fire & 5 is Water. Water gives balance & fire creates energy

What if 9, 5, 1 Will Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If someone has this plane complete in their grid, after having lots of challenges, the person will have good patience, win everything with inner power

What is 9, 5, 1/ Will Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If someone does not have this plane complete, he may lack inner strength. People missing this grid might give up easily. Also, 9, 5, 1 plane shows saving from earnings, one who does not have a will plane might face a lack of savings


Action Plane 2, 7, 6 in Lo Shu Grid 

Why did 2, 7, 6 is known as Action Plane?

Moon is Water, that controls & gives emotion with thought. Ketu is Earth which makes a person reliable & trustworthy. Venus gives the capability to own path, take the decision to depend on own self, not dependent on others. 

What if 2,7, 6 Action Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If a person has 2,7,6 plane complete the person never leave work incomplete, they will believe in Karma, the person who has this grid are hardworking & also help others in their growth. 

What if 2,7, 6/ Action Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If the Action plane is not complete, the person will leave the work incomplete, also fails to fulfill the commitment. They will have very few opportunities & struggle to create their own name & fame. 


Golden Success Plane 4, 5, 6 in Lo Shu Grid

Why did 4, 5, 6 is known as Golden Success Plane?

Number 4 is logical mind & curiosity, 5 Reflect stability, balance & good health, 6 reflects the hard work, money magnet & fame all three things create immense success with health, wealth & prosperity. 

What if 4, 5, 6/ Golden Success Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If the 4,5,6 line is complete the person will have success in every aspect of life. Also, they will enjoy luxury from parents & ancestors. 4,5,6 give the person power to put own point of view with confidence. 

What is 4, 5, 6/ Golden Success Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If the 4,5,6 line is not complete the person can have disputes with family for properties & they might be afraid to share own point of view, even after a good amount of hard work people might never get respect & appreciation for their work. 


Silver Success Plane 2, 5, 8 in Lo Shu Grid

Why did 2, 5, 8 is known as Silver Success Plane?

Number 2 is the moon which considers as queen which has all local authorities, decision making power in its own area of work. 5 is communication & both 2 & 5 elements is water, which reflects flexibility. 8 is action believes in hard work & element of Saturn is Air which creates own space in every smallest & every largest thing. A person who has these line have a silver success line, might not get much from parents but always create immense good luck for themselves with their hard work.  

What if 2, 5, 8/ Silver Success Plane is complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If a person has a 2,5,8 line complete the person will make their own property for residential purposes, also he will invest in properties. They will be flexible to adjust in every situation, also believes in hard work. They make a strong mark on other’s life. 

What if 2, 5, 8 Silver Success Plane is not complete in Lo Shu Grid?

If this plane is not complete, the person can become very stubborn & stiff. Also, they will look for shortcuts for success in life. They may ruin their relationships with others. 


Its rarely possible for anyone to have all 9 numbers in the Lo Shu grid but with some remedies, we can find the benefits of the missing numbers. 

Sometimes any repeating number can give power to other missing numbers but that depends on the personal Date of birth. 


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