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What will be included in your consultation?

Duration - 20 Min

Lo Shu Grid Creation

Missing Number Remedies

Name Correction

Signature Correction

All your queries will be answered

You can ask all the questions related to Numerology including your Name, Health, Wealth, Career & Relationship.

Just share your details and get consultation on all aspects of Numerology for one Date of birth.

Charges: ₹ 700 only

Matchmaking, Wedding Consultation, Couple growth, relationship success, and for all other couples queries.

Step-1: Share your and partner's details with us with your queries.

Step-2: Have a detailed discussion with me.

Charges: ₹ 1400 only

Want a name that will always create positive energy and support your kid to achieve success in life?

Step-1: Tell us the Date of Birth and we will tell you the starting letters of the name.

Step-2: Then you should come up with 2-3 names of your choice.

Step-3: Then I will suggest you the best name out of those, will also do the spelling correction if needed.

Charges: ₹ 700 only

Starting a new business? Get help in choosing the right name for your business & achieve success.

Step-1: You need to share the name you are willing to proceed with along with your Date of Birth.

Step-2: I will do the spelling correction and suggest the best fit as per Numerology.

Charges: ₹ 700 x number of Business Partners you want to check the compatibility with.

Get pdf report with consultation

You can now get a pdf report containing your Lo Shu grid & Numerology Consultation Summary.

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